Insert a description of the image here.Ramon Sanchez (’10, World Languages & Cultures) is a second-grade teacher in San Jose. This is an excerpt from an email he sent to President Dianne Harrison, expressing his appreciation for the education he received at CSU Monterey Bay:

I wanted to tell you what a transformational education CSUMB gave me. Service learning changed my perceptions of the world. It challenged who I was and gave me a sense of what I wanted to do. Most of my professors were phenomenal. They taught me how to think, how to problem solve and how to be a leader. Class size is another of CSUMB’s gems. All of my teachers knew me by name, they knew my passions, and they took the time to get to know me. At Teach for America, I was just as prepared as my collaborative partners, who were all Ivy League graduates.

Every day I carry the experiences CSUMB provided me into the workplace. This is my second year teaching second-grade bilingual in my hometown of San Jose. CSUMB equipped me to lead 30 second-graders, a job that I feel is more demanding than that of a Fortune 500 CEO. I try to instill the belief in my own students that college is possible. Every table in my classroom is labeled with a college name. Students can share where they want to go to college and why. Of course most of them want to go to CSUMB!

Always a proud Otter,
Ramon Sanchez